Testing first hypnotic trigger

Snapping Fingers

The instant trance trigger was still working the next day. Both of us were happy about that. But the trigger was cumbersome and hard to use, because we designed it that way to prevent accidentally triggering it. We made several modifications to make it easier.

The trigger would only work “when safe, in our bedroom, when I feel private, and time appropriate.” We tested it when the kids were running around, in different areas of the house, and in all conditions we can think of. We even tested when one of my foot was inside and other outside of the bedroom. The trigger only works when I’m completely inside the bedroom. When I didn’t feel private, such as when kids were running around us, the trigger would not work either.

Then I asked Athena, would the closet and master bathroom count as part of the bedroom? I thought they would, but she disagreed. So more testing. The trigger worked in both the bathroom and the closet. Lesson learned: it’s better to test as thoroughly as we can.

Did I mention that we never have enough time? The testing took less than one minute. It consisted of us walking around the house and using the trigger. If it worked, Athena woke me up immediately. It didn’t take long at all, and that was all the kink we could manage for the day. I had to prepare for a business trip flying out that evening. There was no time for me to hypnotize Athena.

When the kids were watching cartoons, I told Athena perhaps I’d like the trigger to work, someday, when we were out of the house on a romantic trip somewhere. So we modified the trigger to work in “any place when I feel safe and private,” and can work over the phone or text.

The next few evenings while I was in the hotel room, we tested the trigger and it worked to our satisfactory.

I finished my second book on hypnosis, Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis in the hotel room. My imagination was running wild. I could hardly wait to get home to start practice hypnosis on Athena again. She was also eager to experience being hypnotized. She always had such a good adventurous spirit.

I wished that I had the courage to bring up kinks years ago, before we had kids and had tons of free time. I didn’t know Athena was so open to new ideas.

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