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Too busy!!!

I bought a bunch e-books on Femdom and FLR. I had great difficulty applying what I’ve read. Almost all of them asked quite a bit of work from the females. They had to practice, change some habits, mindset, be creative and come up with ideas. Athena would not go for any that. Too much work for her. Too much overhead. She just did not have the energy nor the time. There were more important things to do.

“How about a simple wish list?” I asked.

“No, no wish list.” was Athena’s reply. “But I still think I’ll enjoy this Femdom thing. You keep working on it and run new ideas by me.”

Athena rejected the ideas of doing research on her own on the Internet, joining a discussion group, an FLR contract, and all protocols I proposed. She didn’t like the idea of me doing more chores, because I’d have to lose sleep to do them. I was already busy from the moment I get home until we go to sleep.

Our hypnosis session durations were reduced to seconds per week. Once a week, maybe every two weeks, instant trance trigger, Athena would utter a sentence or two to my subconscious, and that would be it. Took only seconds.

I just had to come up with some new ideas moving us toward FLR that takes almost no effort and appeals to Athena. Like the seconds of hypnosis we do every few weeks. Something simple, but significant and symbolic of FLR.

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