Subconscious in action

Our two year old son, Eric, was sick in the middle of the night. He started crying and throwing up. A light fever too. Athena was woken up from the crying, took Eric to our room to comfort him. He was still throwing up, so Athena took him to the bathroom. I was a heavy sleeper. I slept through all that.

Then I heard my instant trance trigger and it transformed me into a trance state from sleeping. “Please help me,” I heard Athena crying. Her hair was a mess with vomit in it. Her robe was dripping vomit too. There was a trail of vomit leading to where Athena was. Clenching Eric close to her, soothing Eric, Athena was not capable of doing anything else.

“Clean Eric,” Athena directed me softly. I cleaned up both of them with a warm towel. Then I got them changes of clothes. I calmed everyone down, then helped Athena and Eric going to bed. Finally I was on my knees cleaning the bathroom floor.

Eric continued to wake up periodically crying. It was a rough night.

“Because of hypnosis, I was able to wake you in a low voice. You slept through all Eric’s screaming and crying,” Athena told me the next day.
“Jill and Emma will probably get sick from Eric tonight. Can you take care of the children tonight? I cannot go through one more night without sleeping.”
“There is no doubt that your subconscious can hear me, and then respond to me at any time now. While you were sleeping, you jumped right into action when I called out for B.”

“This hypnosis and FLR thing… It’s making my life a lot easier.”

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