Covert hypnosis

Appliance repair project

“The ice dispenser is broken,” Athena informed Her Subject.

The ice dispenser was broken.

Her Subject was annoyed. He didn’t like anything that causes Athena inconveniences. Additionally, repairing it will seriously cut into their private time for sex.

“The broken part is in the front panel,” Athena said.

How would she know? Did she have X-ray vision? Her Subject wondered.

Searching on the Internet, Her Subject found the most likely culprit and ordered the part. “I did my research, the broken part is most likely in the back panel,” he said confidently.

After the part arrived and replaced, it was still not working. Reluctantly, Her Subject opened up the front panel. The broken piece fell out right away. Her Subject studied it for a while. It was going to a major project to replace the part. It was not going to happen today. Not willing to give up, he thought hard. In the end, he gleefully declared his solution. “I can tape it back together.”

And it worked.

“Look, it’s working again,” Her Subject announced victoriously. He plan to leverage this later on tonight to ask for an orgasm. “We just saved a bundle from buying new part and having someone else to repair it,” Her Subject said.

“Yay, you are the best, daddy,” the children cheered. “You are very good at repairing things.” They started singing and dancing around Her Subject.

“I told you it was in the front panel. You didn’t listen to me,” Athena didn’t credit Her Subject for the repair. “You wasted money on unneeded parts.”

“You should’ve listened to mommy. You wasted money, dad,” the daughter chimed in.

Covert hypnosis

The Wisdom of Milton H. Erickson

Is covert hypnosis going to create hypno-slaves?

Or the ideal dominatrix?

Hollywood has greatly exaggerated the effects.

What’s the difference among regular hypnosis, conversation hypnosis, meditation, or just plain effective communication? Who knows? Who cares? As a person studying Ericksonian hypnosis, Her Subject understood that it is the solution to be focused on. Everything else is irrelevant. What is the solution Her Subject is looking for? To get the dominatrix of his dream of course.

For the hypnosis fans, if you find this blog entry engaging and captivating, you may have already discovered the “covert” hypnotic language. You may even drift into a trance all on your own. Enjoy the trance experience. For everyone else, this will not hypnotize you into doing anything., Unless, of course, you want to.

Her Subject was eager to try whatever he had learned from readings on Milton Erickson. He planned an induction without any suggestions, just to see if he is capable of luring Athena into a trance state. A modest goal.

Shortly after dinner, the children had moved on to the living room watching TV. Athena and Her Subject were still sitting at the table sipping wine and enjoying their conversation.

“I read covert hypnosis and I’d like to try it on you,” Her Subject asked for permission.

“Oh yeah? Sounds interesting. Go ahead. I’m very curious. I think it will be fun.” Athena was intrigued.

Her Subject thought the story of Milton Erickson himself would be a good induction. This is from Milton Erickson Foundation website:

At age 17, he [Milton Erickson] contracted polio and was so severely paralyzed that doctors believed he would die. While recovering in bed, almost entirely lame and unable to speak, he became strongly aware of the significance of nonverbal communication – body language, tone of voice, and the way that these nonverbal expressions often directly contradicted the verbal ones. He also began to have “body memories” of the muscular activity of his own body. By concentrating on these memories, he slowly began to regain control of parts of his body to the point where he was eventually able to talk and use his arms again. His doctor recommended exercising his upper body only so Milton Erickson planned a 1,000 miles canoe trip to build up the strength to attend college. His adventure was challenging, and although he still did not have full use of his legs at the end, he was able to walk with a cane.

“Wow, what a remarkable individual,” Athena was impressed, “and what amazing things hypnosis can do.”

Athena was thoroughly engaged in the story. She was sitting comfortably in her chair. Reclined and completely relaxed. Her pupil dilated clearly showing her intense interest in the story. She had been holding her glass of wine up while listening, classic display of catalypse.

The induction was successful, Her Subject thought. Athena naturally drifted into a trance. He didn’t really have anything else planed for the evening. He was about to get up and start to clean the table.

“So now you got me hypnotized, what do you have on your mind? What are you going to make me to do?” Athena said with a devilish grin. Her hand was still holding up the wine. It hadn’t moved the entire time.

The genius of Erickson is to utilize whatever is presented. Her Subject realized that this was a golden opportunity to make effective suggestions. But he didn’t prepare any, and he didn’t want to let this chance go by. He frantically searched in his brain for something to say.

“The whip…” Her Subject slowly uttered, then he ran out of ideas. Nothing came to his mind. Nothing. He was so upset at himself for not better prepared and this opportunity will go wasted. His mouth was still open trying to compete the sentence, trying to say something. Anything. But he drew blank.

Athena was quick to interrupt Her Subject, “Oh yes, the whip. You want me to whip you more often and harder right? You got it. Wish granted. You have hypnotized me to do so.”

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