Best behaviors

Dressed up for Halloween.

Children loves Halloween.

Out next door neighbor hosted a Halloween party. We walked over there with our children.

Blondie from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly came to greet us. He tipped his hat, slightly bowed, while imitating a respectable Spaghetti Western accent said, “Ma’am, we’ll all be sure on our best behaviors tonight.”

We were sure the whip had an effect on him.

Athena moved the whip handle slightly from side to side. Blondie didn’t know why, but his eyes followed, couldn’t quite get away. He was also frozen in bowing position.

“Oh, don’t mind me, please carry on,” with the end of the whip handle, Athena pointed to another guest whom Blondie was conversing moments ago. As instructed, off Blondie went absent-mindedly.

“People sure do hypnotize themselves a lot,” Athena whispered to Her Subject upon her observation.

The hostess, a grandmother, walked toward us all smiles. “Welcome,” she said.

“Your children are absolutely adorable,” the hostess continued, “we’ve enjoyed their singing when they played outside.” The children gave her proper greetings and hugged her. “Oh, I have never seen more well mannered children. Can I offer them some candies?”

The children politely thanked her. Then they spotted a bookshelf. They asked for books and found themselves a spot reading quietly.

The grandmother reached out to Athena with one hand while inviting to the wine table with other. “You have done such an admirable job raising your family,” she said and winked at Athena.

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