Newbie Mistakes

One Sunday after noon, our girls practiced violin exceedingly well. All fifteen minutes of highly concentrated effective practice, each. So I allowed them to watch Sunday afternoon cartoon.

While the kids were glued to the TV, I eagerly grabbed Athena into our bedroom trying some hypnotic suggestions I came up with. Nothing sexual. Just general beginner stuff. In our previous experiments, our children’s presence should always bring me out of trance. So we were not particularly concerned if they interrupted us. So I asked Athena to freeze me like a statue, for what purpose I couldn’t remember. Our oldest daughter snuck into our room unexpected, saw me like a statue, and thought it would be funny to give me a shove. I didn’t see our daughter nor heard her, so I never woke up. I heard Athena screaming “NNNNNOOOOOO” but didn’t really know what was going on. Then I felt I was losing my balance, but I couldn’t move. I fell exactly just like how a statue would. Ouch. Hitting the floor brought me out of trance. I fell on soft thick carpet, so nothing serious. I started laughing and grabbed both Athena and my daughter onto the floor and we all busted out laughing. When it was private again just between me and Athena, she added “from now on, you will always be able to move to maintain your balance. But only necessary movement to keep balance and no more.”

Some other funny movements:

  • One of our early post-hypnotic suggestions, I came up with something like this for Athena to read to me: “This evening, after the kids are asleep, you will take a shower, and then look for me. When you see me, you will freeze and wait for my instruction.” So after my shower I went to look for Athena. When I saw her, 12 feet away, I froze up. She was surfing the net, back against me, so she never noticed me. I totally forgot to include instruction to dry and cloth myself. So I was dripping wet naked standing there for I didn’t remember how long. When Athena finally ran out of patient waiting for me and turned around, she realized what had happened. She couldn’t stand up straight from laughing.
  • She forgot to wake me up from hypnosis one evening. We were both so tired so we went straight to sleep. The next day, coming back from the grocery store, while I was putting away the groceries, I said “I feel sleepy. I could use a nap.” She said, “Sure, take a nap.” I fell promptly on the kitchen floor. I heard “Doh! Oops!” followed by laughter.
  • On several occasions while we were having hypnosis fun, all the sudden she remembered the clothes dryer needed to be turned on, or she felt cold/hot and wanted to me to adjust the thermostat. She totally forgot to tell me to come back. So I was stuck in the laundry room or in front of the thermostats until Athena realized her mistakes.

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