Our Daily Routine


In the morning, I was ready to go to work just when Athena and the kids were about to get up. Sometimes they were still asleep.

I didn’t get home until dinner time. After dinner, I helped the girls practice violin, singing, and piano. Then I gave the kids bath, read to them, and worked with them on spellings and sometimes Spanish. Then I tucked them into bed. While I did all that, Athena would be cleaning up dinner table, doing the dishes, laundry, and whatever chores needed to be done. After the kids were tucked into bed, I would start helping Athena with her chores.

Weekends were spent procuring food. For our kids’ health, we took a long drive to get food directly from a farm. And there were our oldest child’s violin lessons at the University, which took half a day out. We also wanted to take the kids to the park or out riding bicycles. Then there were occasional home repair projects or friends’ visits.

We usually finished all the chores late into the night. Most of the time Athena and I both just wanted to go to sleep. There would be no energy left for sex, let alone anything kinky. Sometimes Athena would masturbate while she was in the shower. I would masturbate right before I go to sleep. We tried to have sex together whenever we could, but it was not very often. We accepted it because it was our choice to be this busy.

Knowing Athena was open to kinky activities whetted my appetite. I needed to relieve Athena from some of her chores so she would have more energy in the evenings. I knew she’d like that.

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