In our hypnotic play, so far anything involved motor functions worked great. However, we couldn’t get anything else to work. Such as amnesia, sensations, personality changes, hallucinations, or any other hypnotic phenomenon. I was eager to get amnesia to work. I thought it would be really cool to have a post-hypnotic suggestion that I didn’t remember, and it would surprise me later on. But no matter on how I tried phrasing, sudden change of conversational subject, or any other techniques I could find on the Internet, I couldn’t get any of them to work. I always remembered hypnotic suggestions given.

So I went back to the book Mind Play, and it suggested a book Hypnotic Amnesia by LeeAllure. I went to her website and downloaded some free files. Her suggestions had very strong effect on me. Then I bought some files with amnesia suggestions. Similar results; motor function suggestions worked well but nothing else.

Hypnotic Amnesia was not published in June 2015 (It is published now). So I thought it was time for professional help. With three young children running around the house, I don’t think I would ever get a chance to have an online session with Lee. Independence Day holiday was coming up, and I found she had an opening on July 3rd, so I signed up. I went to my office when on one was around, made sure Skype and camera worked. It was a good time for a session.

Lee was a very nice person and I really enjoyed her style. The entire session was very hazy. I remembered it, but not very much. Maybe that’s just how it works. I remembered some hypnotic deepeners in the beginning, then some encouragements in eventual success in achieving hypnotic amnesia. Perhaps she had amnesia suggestions, but I wasn’t sure. It was not total blank out, but rather very dream-like with much of the details missing.

I would definitely want to see Lee in person someday, or go to one of these hypnosis conferences that Lee attended, but I didn’t know when. We would have to find time off work, arrange and pay for baby sitters, travelling expenses, among other things. We’d have to wait.


  1. Her Subject
    Oct 8, 2017

    I don’t recall amnesia and chastity conditioning specifically. The session was an encouragement to keep practicing to become a better hypnotic subject in general, not specifically to anyone or to anything.

  2. Anonymous
    Oct 8, 2017

    Do you think that your session with Lee Allure helped condition you for your later hypnotic amnesia and chastity with Athena?

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