Her Voice

Athena never read anything on hypnosis, watched YouTube videos, or any other educational material on hypnosis. I had been the one doing all that, and I never really taught Athena anything in depth. There never seemed to be enough time. I was always eager to do things. So I told her what to do with minimal explanation to save time. For recreational purpose, I think this suits both of us fine.

When I asked Athena to hypnotize me the first time, I briefly mentioned to her to develop a hypnotic voice. “Just so I can differentiate from normal talking voice. Probably will make suggestions more effective, and probably safer in keeping you from accidentally trancing me.” That’s all I said to her. Took only a few seconds.

She naturally started with a voice that was firm and a little deeper than her normal talking voice. Not too much, only a little bit deeper. I could sense her skepticism in her voice. She really didn’t know anything about hypnosis, except from TV and movies. I sensed her doubting this whole hypnosis thing. But she did what I asked, part for fun, part to please me, and part to satisfy her own curiosity.

I’m writing out of chronologically order here. In about 6-7 months of time, her voice grew from firm to authoritative and full of confidence. From a doubter, now Athena expects my subconscious to fully obey her. She has stopped using inductions altogether. She expects me to drop in trance instantly upon hearing her hypnotic voice. It pierces right into my subconscious and takes over.

I asked Athena about her voice the other day. She said, “When you mentioned that voice could be important, I was confident that I could put you under, the very first time. I once had a job right out of college that I was paid for my voice. Your falling in my control was inevitable. Now your subconscious belongs to me. I have more control over it than you. You no longer have free will.”

Athena didn’t know what she said about free will is not true. But that’s irrelevant. It was this kind of confidence and naivety about hypnosis, I think, that made her effective on me. I never had it. I shot myself in the foot in the first few sessions in saying things like “I don’t know if this will ever work. Let’s give a try.”

I often ponder, was it inevitable that Athena is the hypnotist, and I’m the subject? Was it all encoded, hardwired in our psyches, that only now is manifesting itself?

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