Funny Faces

“I wrote this script. Would you do it for me?” I said to Athena. “For the rest of the night, you’ll be a brat. You will try to resist everything I tell you to do. The more you resist, the stronger urge to do what you are told. Your urge to resist is so strong, you will make faces showing your resistance. Of course you will not be able to resist, so you will make faces. As soon as you make faces, your face will freeze for five seconds.”

Athena laughed out loud. “Sure, I’ll make you do it.” After reading the script, Athena started barking orders at me.

“Sit here next to me. Now to go the corner. Bring me water. Walk from side to side. Sit. Stand. Clap. Stop clapping. Move here. Move there. Raise your hand.” I did make faces, and froze all my contorted expressions. She finally stopped when her stomach was hurt from laughing. My facial muscles were sore.

“Once is enough. I don’t want to go through this again, and I think it’s only funny the first time,” I said.

“Your facial muscles are sore? Mine too. From laughing.” Athena replied.

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