Pop Quiz

I continued working on hypnotic amnesia. I thought we’d start with something less ambitious. Such as a suggestion that I would forget something only for a moment. So we tried Pop Quiz as described in the book Mind Play. “When I ask you a question, your subconscious would hide the answer only for a moment, or until we stop playing the game.”

I taught Athena the script and how I wanted to be hypnotized. She hypnotized me, then told me to open my eyes and start to talk.

“Ask my name,” I said to Athena. So right after she asked, my name disappeared from my memory. I could not bring myself to say it. I hugged Athena, jumped up and down in joy screaming “It works!!! It works!!!” Athena smiled in amusement. “Keep going, ask me more.” Then we tried the names of various objects and furniture in our room. Then our kids’ name. Our home address. We kept going for more questions for the next few minutes. Then Athena tried a more daring question, “Who am I?”

I froze up and started to tremble. I was overtaken by fright all of the sudden. I looked around, not recognizing the place, nor this nice lady sitting in front of me, nor my identity. I was asked so many questions rapidly that I was experiencing almost total amnesia.

I collected myself the best I could, and barely made out these words to the person in front of me, “Help… me…” I was truly terrified of the idea if she couldn’t help me. I wanted to curl up and cry.

She reached out to me, held my hands. “Game over. Your memories are back.”

My memories flooded back. I hugged, squeezed, and kissed Athena to no end.

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