Less Time for Us

2015 summer was very vanilla. Actually, worse than vanilla. Work related travels plus no school/daycare wore us out. Athena was not on birth control. Sex was not frequent. We mostly masturbated by ourselves without the other present.

The University violin teacher had only two young students including our daughter, both six years old. The others were in high school and college. The teacher accepted our daughter so she could learn how to teach children. Toward the end of the summer, we learned that the teacher took the other six year old pupil, travelled with her to top music conservatories, met with the best. We felt left out. Granted, we probably couldn’t make the travelling arrangement, but it was upsetting that it was never offered to us. Clearly favoritism. Athena was in foul mood all week. Then a week later, the teacher expressed her wish not wanting to teach our daughter anymore.

Despite the teacher’s rejection, the University wanted to keep our daughter, so another audition was scheduled with another faculty member. During the audition, our daughter was accepted within minutes.

In the next lesson, the new violin teacher told us that she has signed up our daughter to participate in a string quartet. It’s a separate program in the University. “Being able to read music is a requirement to be in that program. I know your daughter has been learning by ear. I told the quartet coach that your daughter is a fast learner so she could be accepted. It’s four days away from the first quartet practice. Let’s start working on reading music,” the violin teacher said.

Wow! Such a believer in our child’s talent. She told us about the string quartet after the fact, and got our daughter in without meeting the requirement. We could turn it down then, but we decided to proceed on the spot.

That meant two days out of the week commuting to the University. We’d be having even less energy in our private times. We might have to reduce our sex frequency, to, once a month? Or even less? We decided to do what’s best for our daughter.

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