More vanilla

Our weekends were completely booked. Saturdays would be taking our daughter to her string quartet practice. Sundays would be procuring food and chores. Week nights were filled with schooling kids and chores. I told Athena I gave up being the hypnotist completely. At least for now. We simply didn’t have the time. Athena was a bit disappointed. She really wanted to experience being hypnotized.

I wanted to continue to be more skillful and know more about hypnosis. I would keep studying up on it when I had time, and I would teach Athena whenever I could. We would still be doing hypnosis and keep improving our skills. But at least for the next few years, I’d have to be confined to be the subject, and Athena the hypnotist.

Athena didn’t want to give up hypnosis either. She thought it had been great fun, and encouraged me to keep trying coming up kinky ideas that would work for us.

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