Random Things to Do Toward FLR

I didn’t really know what I was doing. I thought perhaps the first thing we’d try was to establish Athena’s psychological dominance.

Whatever we did, it had to be with minimal effort on Athena’s part. Many of FLR books recommended starting out small. So I came up these things:

  1. I would get on my knee and kiss Athena’s feet every night. It took only a few seconds.
  2. We would give each other names to signify our relationship. After some discussion, I would call Athena Queen, and she would call me B. We would use them only when we were private and alone. The names were chosen so if we accidentally used them in front of the children it would not cause alarm. Athena had already referred herself as the Queen of the house in front of the children, so this was an easy transition.
  3. We installed a hypnotic trigger that would silence me instantly, forget the conversation topic, and feel blissful. This would give Athena the power to automatically win any argument. Athena did not have the habit of interrupting people from talking. So I would prompt her to use the trigger daily when we talked about trivial stuff, until she felt comfortable using the trigger on her own.
  4. I asked Athena try to express herself more clearly and directly. Often, Athena would express her feelings, wants, or wishes indirectly and leave me guessing. I often guessed wrong.
  5. Athena could stop asking me to do things. Just to order me to do them. Just a subtle tone change in her language.
  6. I would keep prompt Athena to do the above, until she asked me to stop.
  7. We should have a coronation ceremony to signify the D/s relationship. Our kids’ toy tiaras and crowns were all over the house, so this would be an easy task.

A few days later after the kids fell asleep, we did the coronation. It was very anti-climax. We were both so tired the whole ceremony didn’t last more than a few seconds. I put the crown on Athena, got on my knee, and kissed her feet. I was too tired to get any word out. In that few seconds, Athena managed to have several yawns. We both wanted to get it over with and go to sleep, and that’s what we did.

It looked like a long list, but the only things that had any substances were kissing Athena’s foot and the hypnotic silence trigger. They required almost no effort, and took up only a few seconds a day.

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