More FLR Symbolisms

I asked for more FLR stuff to satisfy my own cravings. All required almost no effort on Athena’s part.

I thought about a slave uniform, and it needed to be suitable in front of children. The children woke up randomly at night looking for us. Thirsty. Nightmare. Too cold. Too hot. Anyway, the uniform needed to be suitably seen by children. So I proposed an old Casio watch that I had. I would put it on nightly after the children were sleep, and remove it in the morning. It symbolized my status and I asked Athena to treat me like a slave during this time.

Then both my slave name, B, and the Casio watch would be hypnotic triggers. Both would turn me into the state of  “waking trance” as long as it was private and safe. I would talk and act like normal, but robotically obedient to Athena’s biddings. Then revert back to my normal less robotic self automatically after the task is finished. I only asked Athena to be careful and went over some waking trance safety issues.

I didn’t think Athena cared one way or the other. She didn’t have to do anything, and probably had no use for them. They were mostly for my own psychological needs.

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