I’m a Hypnotic Gadget

I’m an electronic hypnotic gadget.

I usually fell asleep before Athena. After Athena learned that I could take hypnotic suggestions while sleeping, in the following nights, she added other things like “remind me to give Eric medicine at 10am tomorrow morning. Call me or text me from work,” or “Add tomato to the shopping list in your head.” I became her personal memo pad.

The girls got sick after Eric, as Athena predicted. It was my turn to stay up and take care of the kids. She went to sleep. I stayed up checking temperatures, fetching water, medicine, tissues, and cleaning up if they puke. Without an alarm, the post hypnotic suggestions woke me up performing scheduled tasks at nights. I still had my smartphone alarm app as a backup if the suggestions weren’t effective.

I really would like hypnosis to be erotic rather than used for everyday mundane tasks. But I’ll take Femdom in whatever form I get. It did feel kinky and objectified being used as an memo pad app.

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