Wife Enjoys Mind Control

“Go to sleep in the living room couch.”

I was in my sleep when I heard that. I quickly glanced at the clock. It’s 3:00am. My body started moving but my mind was still disoriented. My unconscious was moving my body, not my conscious self. I tried to ask why but I couldn’t speak. I must be in hypnotic state. In a few seconds I was too far away from her to be heard in normal talking volume. So I gave up trying to speak. Athena hypnotized me while I was sleeping. Again.

Later, I drifted awake on the couch. It was still dark outside. I saw her walking toward the kitchen for water. “Why am I sleeping here?” The safety feature of automatically exiting hypnotic state must have worked, I thought. I could speak freely.

“You were snoring.” Then she disappeared away from the kitchen into the darkness.

Next evening, I asked again, “Why the couch? You usually just use hypnosis to stop me snoring.”

“You were waking up Eric, and the bed was getting too crowded.”
“His fever came back, and he threw up again, so I brought him to our bed.”
“You slept through all that. Your unconscious did respond as I suggested to stop you from snoring, but didn’t do a very good job. You snored quieter. So the suggestion happened, just not to my satisfaction. It was just easier to move you to the couch.”
“Of course you didn’t see Eric in the bed when you got up to the couch. I didn’t tell you to look. You were under my control, silly.”

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