Hypnotic Chastity

After our children recovered, soon everything settled back to vanilla routine. The sense of Femdom or FLR disappeared.

By this time, I had read plenty about male chastity, even hypnotic ones. It sounded really scary to me. But I thought I could always back out if I didn’t like it. So I brought it up to Athena. I took several deep breaths, got up my nerves, and asked “Have you heard about chastity belt?”

“Sure. I read them in stories.”

“How about one for me? I think it will be a fun venture. A hypnotic one. It will be easy.”

“So this is supposed to make you happy? And excited?” Athena didn’t think it made any sense. “Ok. Whatever pleases you. So how do we do it?”

That went well, I thought. The whole conversation didn’t go for more than 30 seconds. Athena was so open minded. I was so lucky to have her.

“How about something really simple. Try ‘From now on, you cannot pleasure yourself.’ If that doesn’t work, then we can pay a professional to do it.”

“Ok. If that’s you want. Sleep. Deeper. Deeper. From now on, you cannot pleasure yourself. You are free to move about now.”
It worked miraculously. I tried to stroke myself, and my hands simply ignored my will. I could scratch itches, or wash myself in the shower, but not to play with myself. I didn’t know how, but my body knew the differences.

I asked Athena to lay on the bed naked and spread her legs wide. I got on top of her. She watched me intensely with curiosity. I gradually lowered myself, just about hairline before entering her, my body stopped and ignored my will. We looked at each other in amazement. “It’s working!”

Then Athena got on her knees on the floor. “Try to put in my mouth.” I stood in front of her, and no matter how hard I tried, my body wouldn’t budge. Athena leaned forward, licked me once, “Try again.” Athena shaped her month into an “O”, on her knees, waiting for me to enter. I still couldn’t. It was the most arousing feeling. I was totally owned.
“Ok… I’ll probably beg for release. Would you deny me for at least three days?”

“If that’s what you want, sure.” Then in her hypnotic voice, “Now come to bed. Sleep.”

Athena last words forced me to sleep. I was so excited that I wasn’t sleepy at all. I kept wondering if it would still work next day. I was so hard that I wanted rough sex with Athena, but her words bounded and gagged me. I could do nothing except laying there helplessly falling asleep.

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