The second day in chastity was horrible. I was incredibly horny. At work, I kept calling and texting Athena but no answer. That was not unusual. Sometimes Athena would mute her phone in her purse and forget about it. I needed her to cancel the chastity suggestion.

I was getting so desperate I went into an empty office, arranged the furniture and sofa cushion so I could put my penis in it. I tried to defeat hypnotic chastity. I was not pleasuring myself. The furniture was pleasuring me. I thought I found a loophole. It didn’t work. My unconscious knew what I was up to.

I sat back on the sofa. I thought I could hypnotize myself and remove chastity. So I tried. Didn’t work. It could be undone by Athena only, my unconscious told me.

I ate lunch and concentrated on work so I didn’t think about this chastity business. I began to regret. This was not fun at all. Just a few more hours, then I’d be home. Everything would be back to normal then.

About 2pm or so, Athena texted back a selfie.

Shit!!! She must’ve learned the response from the Internet captioned photos I showed her. What was I thinking?

After I texted Athena asking to remove hypnotic chastity, she sent me a captioned selfie from her iPhone.

I found myself to be insanely excited and scared simultaneously. When she said this was fun, she meant it. I concluded she didn’t say it to please me.

I was trapped in my own fantasy. Part of me wanted to get out, and part of me wanted to keep going. Very conflicted.

That evening after I tucked the kids in, I asked for release. I was sitting on the bed with a towel ready. “I’m miserable. It’s a mistake.” I complained.

“It’s only the second day. I could go for way longer than that.” Athena’s sex drive was never as high as I wanted her to be.

“You don’t understand. Sometimes I masturbate three, or five times in one night. Please let me have it. This feeling is horrible.” I pleaded.

“What? That many times?” Athena looked surprised.

“Yes. That many times.”

“I never knew it,” Athena replied, “Go to sleep!” as she snapped her finger hypnotizing me, I fell helplessly to sleep in a instant. “Deeper,” Athena added.

“You wanted it. You asked for it. You taught me what to say for the moment like this. This is fun. Too late to regret. Wait until tomorrow night.”


  1. Declan Heyse
    Oct 8, 2017

    Great piece of writing.

    And I love that more-than-you-bargained-for feeling.

  2. Her Subject
    Oct 8, 2017

    We have tried, not successful yet. I got excited, my heart rate went up, and my muscles contracted, but it didn’t feel quite the same and had no released feeling.

  3. Anonymous
    Oct 8, 2017

    Have you experimented with orgasm on command triggers? I would think she would enjoy how quick and easily she could take care of your release.

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