Tetrapyloctomy: The Art of Splitting Hairs Four Ways

Split Hairs

Tetrapyloctomy: the art of splitting hairs four ways. It’s categorized under useless and irrelevant subject.

That’s the theme of this entry. An excuse to procrastinate doing something more important.

What is a dominant? What is a submissive?

I believe the best definition is the person is a dominant/submissive if one feels as the type. It’s defined by the observed, not the observer.

Consider this: Athena tells me to “do the research and then teach me how to dominate you.”

Or this: Athena says “pick a restaurant for lunch.” I reply “If I make the decision then I’m the lead. Why don’t you pick one?” Then Athena says “Why can’t you follow a simple instruction?”

When dominant/submissive is defined by the observer, the logic becomes contradictory and circular.

But when the definition is defined by how the observed feels, the logic works out more consistently.

Defining dominant/submissive is like practicing tetrapyloctomy.

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