I Was a Device to Put in Sleep Mode

Chastity was not too bad during the day with work and all the other distractions. But it was really agonizing late at night. I just couldn’t go to sleep.

So I asked for another Femdom activity. I told Athena to feel free to make me to go to sleep when she was tired, so I couldn’t bother her when I was aroused (making her life easier), and I’d work better the next day (relieve her of guilt).

About an hour before my usual sleep time, Athena was sitting on the rocking chair winding down. She never looked in my direction nor lifted her head, then said in her hypnotic voice “Go to bed. Sleep.” I wanted to tell her how excited I was that she took control, but I couldn’t under hypnosis. My body dutifully went to sleep.

I didn’t know how long the time passed. But I drifted awake because I was too aroused. Athena was still sitting on her rocking chair reading. I said in a sleepy voice “I am so horny it’s unbearable, could you…”

I couldn’t even finish my sentence before she said “the more aroused you are, the deeper sleep you will fall.” I lost my consciousness in just a few short seconds.

She never took her eyes off her reading. She had full of authority and confidence in her voice, free of guilt, and she commanded it naturally.

Like turning off a device or an appliance when not needed, Athena told me to go to sleep.

I really wanted sex, but I’ll take this over regular boring sex.

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