Automatic Shutdown

Chastity was a horrible feeling. At nights, I was tossing and turning. I couldn’t go to sleep.

Athena had enough of me tossing and turning. She was about to hypnotize me to sleep again, so I mentioned that she could make the suggestion permanent so she wouldn’t have to do this every night.

I felt I was making the whole situation worse for myself. My head was filled with all these horrible ideas. After reading Vanilla Dominatrix, I knew whenever I got the chance, I should ask Athena to act upon these horrible ideas. This was one of the times.

Athena was eager to see me sleeping. She acted right away. “From now on, when it’s time to sleep and you are lying in the bed like you are now, the more aroused you are, the deeper you will fall asleep.” Then she grabbed my hand and used my fingers to masturbate. I was going deep so fast I felt I was jumping out of an airplane. My conscious was completely gone.

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