Hidden Desire

I was reading some Femdom blog, and Athena leaned over to take a look out of curiosity.

“That’s a pretty picture. She is pretty. It’s a good picture. Is she holding a whip?” Athena asked.

My heart jumped. I though whip was sexy, but I didn’t want pain. I proceeded cautiously, “Should I shop for one?”

“I don’t understand people who want pain. That’s weird. I would whip you if you like. It may hurt.” Athena surprised me.

I didn’t think she liked to dole out pain. I better talk her out of it. “I’m going to be good. You’ll have no reason to whip me. Whipping is tiring. Besides, it’s a lot of work tracking points of my behavior for reward/punishment. We are not even doing that now.”

Athena laughed out loud. “Why need reason to whip you?”

I watched her grinning, a bit stunned. Not sure if I should encourage her or talk her out of it. She continued, “I’d have to learn to whip quietly so I don’t wake up the kids. Do some research on that. See if they make quiet whips.” Later I showed her some whips online. Athena was looking through them. “These look kind small. Do they have something bigger? Oooo… that one looks like it’s gonna hurt and cause some bleeding. Think you can take that one?” It was a nine tail black and red whip. Her favorite colors.

“Can you just wave it around?” I asked.

“Wave it around?” Athena looked puzzled, bored, or disappointed. Her expression looked like “What’s the fun in that?” without saying it out loud. Then she changed the subject.

She never told me to buy the whip. I ordered it anyway. The one Athena had her eye on.


  1. Her Subject
    Oct 8, 2017

    It was a scary decision to make. One of the first.

  2. Declan Heyse
    Oct 8, 2017

    Taking the submissive initiative. Good man. 🙂

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