Her Subject had to go on a business trip. On the evening before, Athena hypnotized him in the bed. She sat next to him, gently caressed Her Subject’s face, and whispered “Deeper… deeper…” repeatedly. Her voice was tender, and although she did her best to contain it, sadness seeped out in her tone. She was going to miss him terribly. “Deeper, deeper…” Athena wished they didn’t have to be apart.

Her Subject’s heart ached. He wanted to embrace her tightly, to tell her comforting words, and to make her feeling alright. That was all but impossible. Bound by Athena’s spell, he could only lay there like the dead. Sorrowful “Deeper…deeper…” echoed, but they weren’t echoes. “Deeper… deeper…” No other words. That was all Athena’s mood allowed. “Deeper… deeper…” Each echo only sent Her Subject deeper into the abyss.

Some time passed. Athena collected herself the best she could. “You see a door labeled ‘Ambition.’ Go ahead and enter. Think all the objectives you want to achieve. Set your priorities. Organize all your plans. There is a desk and some file cabinets. Then can help you. Use them. Go and make a kill.”

“Upon concluding business each day, you will head straight back to your room. You will be asleep before 11:00pm. Prior to sleep, you will carefully plan out the next day. You will be efficient and achieving.”

“When you are ready, you may go to sleep naturally.”

Her Subject departed before dawn. While away, he couldn’t bring himself to stay at bars with his colleagues. After each dinner, he excused himself and retired early. During the days, he was refreshed, clear thinking, and efficient. He was out there to provide for his family. Athena and their children were always on his mind. Without them, he’d have no one to provide. He wanted the job well done, and he could hardly wait to see his loving family.

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