Since the 9-tail whip was a big disappointment, Her Subject took it up upon himself searching for alternatives. There were plenty. Various paddles, wooden spoons, canes, floggers, and crops, etc. He presented his findings, but none of them appealed to Athena.

“Boring,” Athena yawned. This whole disciplining idea was in jeopardy.

There was one more option Her Subject hadn’t shown Athena yet. He was hesitating. It was the Singletail: the most dangerous option. Improperly trained, it could cause serious injuries. It took a while, then Her Subject organized all the information and presented to Athena.

Athena eyes lit up. “That is really cool.”

“But also the most dangerous,” Her Subject injected.

Athena didn’t answer back vocally. But her body language did. She wanted them, but this was not a decision to be made lightly alone.

“I found some inexpensive nylon singletails on Amazon. They are in stock. We’ll get them in two days. How about you start practicing with these in the backyard. If you like them, then we can order real leather bullwhips. We have all the safety gear for you to practice: hat, helmet, leather jacket, chaps, gloves, and eye protection.”

Athena giggled. “Remember it was all your idea. I don’t need any reason to whip you. Agreed?”

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