Two Singletails

As Her Subject was coming home from work, he picked up the package containing the whips left at the door.

“Your whips are here,” Her Subject said as he was walking through the door.

Children were running around yelling and screaming. Toys were scattered everywhere. Athena was busy cooking dinner. “Oh, the whips? Two of them right? I need one for each hand. Just stash them in the closet,” Athena said.

“You don’t want to take a look?”

“No. I’m cooking. Put them away then set the table. Tell the children to calm down, wash hands, and get ready for dinner. Pour milk in their sippy cups. Wine for us? White or red?”

The singletails excited Her Subject, yet he was terrified too. Very mixed emotions. Athena’s disinterested reaction did comfort Her Subject a little bit. He hid the whips away and planned not to mention them ever again. He was not ready for the singletails. At least not for now.

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