Cracking Whips

It had been a long day at work. Her Subject fought the traffic and finally made it home tired and sleepy. Athena was busy cooking dinner and managing the children.

When Athena saw Her Subject, her eyes sparkled. With the spatula still in her hand, she passionately put her arms around Her Subject hugging him and gave him a big kiss. “Oh, thank you, I had so much fun today. They were so cool.”

Her Subject had no idea what this was about. He blankly stared at Athena, “Huh?”

“The whips. The whips you bought me. I watched some YouTube tutorials, then practiced in the backyard. I have already learned how to crack them. I can do several different cracks already using either hand. I loved it. It was so cool. I can’t wait to tell everybody. Can we do a video and put on Facebook?” Athena said giggly and turned back to cooking.

A sense of panic came over to Her Subject. He quickly grabbed Athena’s hands, and then examined her carefully, “You didn’t hurt yourself, did you? Did you wear any protective gear? I had all of them on the shelf in one place.”

“No I didn’t hurt myself. It was so easy. I didn’t need the protective gears. It was like I was meant to do it. It felt so natural,” Athena replied.

Her Subject was deeply disturbed. He really hoped the whips would be forgotten. He was also upset that Athena threw cautions to the wind. “I want you to wear protective gear from now on,” Her Subject said firmly. When it came to safety, Her Subject was adamant. “At least for the next several weeks until you have enough hours of practice. You could have seriously injured yourself. I want you to be safe.”

“Oh, they are not that dangerous, you big silly,” Athena rejected. “It was really easy. I’ll show you this weekend. You can wear the protective gears. I don’t need them.”

“I think I’ll be cracking whips in the yard regularly now as part of my exercise routine. I think it’s really good for my arms,” Athena added.

Her Subject felt apprehensive of the whips. He really liked Femdom activities, but he had some reservations about the whips. “I’m happy you like the whips. Keep them outdoors though. They are too long; you’d break furniture and ceiling fan inside.” He tried a little subtle message to prevent Athena from using the whips on him.

It didn’t work. Athena winked at him, “I know what you are thinking. You don’t think I’d whip you outside with your pants down? It’d be much more fun. I’ll need short whips for indoor for raining days. I don’t like these nylon whips anyway. Can we get some good quality leather ones?”

Sensing Her Subject’s reluctance, Athena became unsure herself too. “I’m not going to hit you with them… Not hard anyway. Unless you want me to… Would you like me to?”

These whips are too long for our bedroom play.

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