Sometimes Her Subject got impatient that Athena was not getting more dominant. Sometimes he wondered if she was interested at all. Seemed Athena was content with vanilla life, and if without Her Subject’s constant prompting, the whole FLR dynamic would fade away.

Her Subject decided to gauge Athena interest level. He had been wearing a watch symbolizing his submissive status. “How about me not wearing the watch tonight?”

“You will fall in a trance at night, every night, forever. That’s weekdays, weekends, holidays, no exceptions. You stay in trance until the alarm clock goes off next morning. Keep wearing your watch,” Athena replied without hesitation.

She did like to be dominant, at least symbolically. But there had been no action. Or not enough to satisfy Her Subject cravings. He wanted to explore this further, “I read that some people feel guilty doing so?”

Athena nodded in agreement: “I do feel guilty. You’ll mop the floor tonight.”

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