Athena and Her 8-foot Whip.

The bullwhips Her Subject ordered had arrived. Genuine Australian kangaroo hide and shot-loaded. Her Subject had to look up what that meant: actual lead pallets were stuffed in the whip.

Two different lengths of whips were ordered. A short 4-foot one for bedroom play, and an 8-foot one for Athena’s Halloween custom. “Now I need the rest of the outfit to go with it,” Athena said giggly.

“They are beautiful. Just the right shade of red I like. Scarlet color,” Athena said while examining her new toys. Then she gave them a couple loud cracks. They were deafening. “Awesome. The weight feels just right. The nylon ones were just too light. I really like the weight feels in these new whips. So easy to throw and crack. You said they are stuffed with lead?”

4-foot Mini Bullwhip

“Yes My Queen,” Her Subject replied.

“I like the feel of the heavier weight,” Athena said. “Now hide them away from the children. We’ll take some pictures later. I’ll practice when I have the time.”

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