Ruined Orgasms

Her Subject didn’t know about ruined orgasm. Not until it he read it unintentionally on a blog. It was all a very strange thing to him. Ejaculation without orgasm? What is this witchcraft? Sounded highly improbably to him.

He did a little more reading, viewed a few videos, and showed them to Athena.

“Never knew such a thing” was Athena’s reaction. “I’m willing to give it a try. Just to find out if we like it or not.”

“Now fall to sleep…” Athena started to hypnotize Her Subject deeply. “That’s right… go deeper… deeper… obey me is pleasure…”

“Good boy. Now give yourself five ruined orgasms. You’ll clean yourself up and fall deeply naturally sleep afterward.” Athena watched for a few seconds and got bored. She left.

Her Subject did not expect this. He wanted to be played with, not to be left alone. A big disappointment. His body carried out her instructions submissively against his wish. He was catatonic the entire time; absent of all expressions. Her Subject was protesting inside, but no one would know. Not until the next day when he can wake up.

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