New Necklace

Athena’s new necklace. It possesses hypnotic power. “Concentrate on your work,” she suggested.

“Look at this new snake necklace. I bought it specifically to take selfies for your blog. See the snake design, it’s my Chinese zodiac sign. I’m destined to have hypnotic power over you.” Athena dangled the newly received toy from her hand.

A few days later Her Subject received this picture at work on his phone with a text message to hypnotize him. “Concentrate on your work,” the message suggested. Her Subject couldn’t help but to put the phone down right away and went to work. He was so focused he experienced time distortion. It felt like only a second, but several hours went by and it was already time to go home. Going over his to-do list, Her Subject found he was more productive than usual.

Without any formal training, we set the boundary of hypnosis to be recreational only. However, we didn’t see any harm in this particular instance. Her Subject was happy that Athena was a little daring in mixing business with pleasure.

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  1. Declan Heyse
    Oct 8, 2017

    This may be my favorite picture yet. Love what you did with the coloring.

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