Athena couldn’t unlock this one. We thank our daughter lending her favorite pillow for this picture.

Dinner was satisfying juicy steaks. The kids had already finished eating playing in their fairy tales on the rug nearby. The table had yet to be cleaned. Perhaps a little too much Cabernet, the world seemed to fade away. For now, it was just Athena and Her Subject. They were drowning in their own love. Their eyes fixed on each other passionately. Not a word needed.

It was a scene of husband and wife in love surrounded by adorable children.

Suddenly, a horrible thought struck Athena out of nowhere shattered the moment.

“What if something happens to me tomorrow?” Athena said softly, lips trembling a little. “Who will take care of the children? Who will take care of you? You must find somebody.”

“Please stop such thoughts,” Her Subject waved to deny. “Nothing will happen. We will see our children grow up accomplished. Then they will visit us. We’ll have nice dinners together. Just like now. The children will be around us. They’ll be grown up, and we’ll be old. But it’s going to be just as wonderful.” He approached Athena to give her a big strong hug.

“No,” Athena couldn’t stop her train of thought. “Please look into my eyes.”

Athena took a deep breath. As she exhaled, she sank into a deep trance. She became expressionless and catatonic, yet still loving and beautiful. Her hypnotic eyes captured Her Subject, pulling him in. They fell in a dream together. Hers.

Her Subject found himself in a deep blue ocean with Athena. The sun shined brightly above. The water was warm and calming. Holding hands together, they started to descend. A moment later Athena stopped falling, floating where she was. She let Her Subject’s hands go. “It’s ok, my darling,” Athena soothed Her Subject. “Please keep going for me. Go deeper. It’s ok. I’m here watching you and protecting you. Do this for me. Everything will be fine.”

Her Subject let go. He looked up watching Athena shrinking away. Darkness slowly consumed him. But he felt safe. He could feel Athena’s love around him. Sinking deeper and deeper surrendering. The deep water squeezed out very last air out of his lungs. As the air bubbles floated up, so did his very last consciousness.

“If I am no longer with you, I release you. You’ll be free. All of my bondages on you will be cancelled,” Athena declared.

Her Subject felt warmth in his heart. But he felt Athena’s skin turning cold. He thought he saw Athena swallowing tears. Without his consciousness, he was unable to comprehend what was happening.

“Why are you not letting go?” Athena whispered. “You don’t have to carry the bondages for the rest of your life. Let yourself be free.” Athena understood it but not wanting to accept it. “Why are you hanging onto them?” Athena was pleading.

She sighed. Athena took a moment to collect herself, then gently pecked Her Subject on the lips. When Her Subject came to, the table was already clean. Athena was busily doing dishes and he was vacuuming the floor. “Help Jill with her homework next. You are better at it,” Athena said to Her Subject.

“Athena was unable to undo her spell: the chastity,” Her Subject’s unconsciousness passed a note to him, “I won’t allow it. I’m bound to her and only, until the end of time.”

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