Athena hypnotized Her Subject to lose the ability to ask for sex. Nor could he complain or whine. Any of them would result in his own body asking to extend chastity time.

He was not silenced. Nor mind controlled. Not entirely. Only certain expressions forbidden. Censored? Neurally altered? Her Subject doesn’t have a word for it.

But it was real and frustrated Her Subject to no end.

Athena stepped out of shower naked. She looked heavenly. Her Subject uncontrolledly uttered in awe, “You are so beautiful,” but followed with “Extend my chastity more.” Immediately he panicked, waving his arms wildly in denying motion, “I didn’t mean to say that. Please understand.” He took a deep breath calming down, “What I really want is…” then fell silent. He didn’t dare to finish the sentence. If he tried to ask for sex, the opposite would be heard. Athena had rewired him. Any expression of sexual needs would be changed to chastity wants. Not even silent hand gestures escaped her control. Her Subject neither could ask for sex, nor whine or complain for the lack of it. Any of them would result in his own body asking for more chastity.

Athena giggled. She was glowing because of her hypnotic power over him. “Oh I know exactly what you are trying to say. But you can’t, can you? Now concentrate hard and try again. Go ahead and try it. I do enjoy a good comedy.” Athena then danced seductively. Naked.

Her Subject laughed bitterly. He kept his mouth shut.

“Try to tell me what you really meant,” Athena encouraged him. “Try” implies failure. An elementary hypnotic trick.

Her Subject remained silent. He was at a loss for words.

Losing this much control of his own body was a terrible feeling. He was regretting the whole FLR or Femdom thing altogether, whatever it is called. The whole thing seemed to be a serious mistake. Her Subject was not enjoying it. Perhaps he was not the submissive he thought he was. But if he wasn’t, the whole hypnosis thing would stop working. It was very confusing.

Her Subject liked more interesting sex life. At least when it was going the way he wanted to be. He felt comfortable suggesting Athena what to do. Tonight was a little bit too much for him. Athena’s hypnotic power frightened him. “I’m having second thoughts on this Femdom thing,” Her Subject said. “It sucks. I don’t want this anymore. Can we go back to how things were? Like a year ago? I want everything cancelled.”

Her Subject felt cold suddenly. He saw ice crystals grew around the room.

Athena’s glowing smile went dark in an instant. Her seductive dancing jolted to a very stern posture. Her icy stare banished Her Subject’s consciousness to oblivion. Frost spread out from Athena encircling the room. The sound of ice crystalizing propagated all around. “You asked for this. I changed for you. I put in the effort for you. Everything I do, you asked. No, you begged. Regret? It’s too late.”

“I don’t want to be bothered now,” Athena said and put on her robe while leaving the bedroom. Just out of the door, her hand swirled, then made a pushing motion, “Go to sleep.”

Nobody touched Her Subject, but he was pushed and fell backward lifelessly onto bed into a deep sleep.


  1. Her Subject
    Oct 8, 2017

    Thank you for commenting.

    You are absolutely right. The subconscious and conscious are not congruent. It’s fascinating, which also confuses the heck out of Athena.

    This experiment does cut off some communication. We are still evaluating.

  2. Anonymous
    Oct 8, 2017

    I have followed your blog with fascination, jealousy and admiration. One key element in any bdsm activity is communication. Having the ability to see past what they sometimes say and understand what their body language is telling you. And when there is some ill feeling, stop and understand the expectations before continuing. What the subconscious may want, the conscious may not be ready for and visa versa.

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