She Granted Her Subject to Speak Freely

Amnesia rarely worked reliably. Her Subject always remembered afterward. Usually after a few short minutes. Perhaps a day or two later at most. On some other occasions, Athena gave the memory back shortly thereafter. Would he remember if she hadn’t given him back the memory? Who knows?

Hallucination never happened. Her Subject never saw anything changing color, disappearing, or appearing out of thin air.

Sensation play didn’t work either. “When I scratch my nose, your feet will feel tickled,” Athena suggested. “I didn’t feel anything” was Her Subject’s reply.

So when Her Subject said things against his own will, it was a thrill to both him and Athena. Neither of them could explain why something worked while others didn’t. Nevertheless they were happy to add this to their achievement list.

It turned out to be the most agonizing and the most delicious feeling ever. However, it didn’t take more than a few days before he genuinely regretting it.

Zip it! No more whining!

Athena paralyzed Her Subject from the neck down. They gazed into each other lovingly. She caressed his body gently, moving her fingertips up and down. She gave him a quick peck on the lips, and a few gentle strokes. He was hard and aching for more. “Feels nice huh?” Athena whispered. “Yes” he answered in a panting voice, excited and breathing hard.

Athena smiled lovingly. “More?”

In his mind, Her Subject answered “Yes. Please don’t stop,” and that was what his gray matter sent out to his body to do. But somehow, the signal transmission got jumbled. The wires got switched in several places. In the short distance between brain and mouth the message got rewritten. A different instruction was received and executed by the vocal cord. “Please stop,” Her Subject answered. “More time in chastity is fine.”

Immediate realized what had just happened, Her Subject was quick to shout out “That’s not what I meant.” He concentrated in visualizing articulating each word clearly in his head “Please don’t stop. Let me cum.” After several rehearsals in his head, he felt confident enough to say what he really meant. He mustered all his might to speak as rehearsed, but his body simply refused to cooperate. “What I really meant was I want more time in chastity! A lot more!” was said.

His heart raced. His throat dried. That was not what he wanted to say. Her Subject had never been more frustrated. “No no no no no…” he cried, “I didn’t mean to say that either. You have to understand…” He pretended to sob, hoping to earn some sympathy points. He even managed to squeeze out a drop of tear. “What I really want is…” but he dared not to finish the sentence fearing what the actual said words would have been.

For Her Subject was such a bad actor, Athena started giggling. She enjoyed the comedic situation. Then Athena pretended to be sympathetic in response to his pretended sobbing, “Oh my poor baby, what do you really want to say? Go ahead, try again.”

His Subject lowered his head and kept making sobbing noise.

“Having trouble saying what you really want? Isn’t this what you really want? You asked me to do this. Remember?” Athena reminded him that the whole thing was his idea.

“I know I asked. But only for a while, not forever. Please make this go away. Cancel this suggestion. I don’t want to bottle this inside. I want to be able to express my true feelings again. This is terrible.”

Athena gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead. “Oh my poor thing. And you are right, the fun is wearing out. Now fall deep asleep. Yes, like that. Now go deeper, deeper… so relaxed and peaceful…”

Her Subject’s frown relaxed. He looked peaceful. He fell deeply in hypnotic sleep. In a few seconds his face became mannequin-like: calm, plastic, and expressionless. His conscious had gone away completely.

Athena continued “Now service me orally in your deep sleep… yes, just like that. So obedient. I cancel the suggestion forbidding you to ask for sex. You may speak freely after you wake up. For now, lick me as you fall deeper and deeper…”

Athena unlocked Her Subject. He got his freedom of speech back.

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