Smuggling Fun

Desire smuggling?

Desire Smuggling: Hiding what you really want from yourself and/or a loved one, then, finding cover strategies to get (at least pieces of) what you want.

Her Subject came to something new today. Upon closer examination, he realized that he had been doing this all along.

But not because of fear. Because of the fun.

Some emotion smuggling can be toxic?

Alcohol is toxic. Isn’t that the whole point?

Consider this. Her Subject says to Athena, “Can you keep me chaste for the week?”

He might as well have said this to Athena, “I’m going to keep myself chaste for the week. So I’ll do nothing that will bring me to orgasm this week.” Then he goes on his own business and marks his own calendar with no further involvement from Athena.

What’s the fun in that?

What kind of Femdom is that?

It’s much more exciting, at least for Her Subject, if chastity is something that Athena wants also.

So, one day, thinking this would be more exciting, Her Subject said to Athena, “Look at this article listing all the benefits of male chastity for you. Why don’t you try it for a week? Allow me to read it for you. Number 1…”

“Stop there,” Athena said. She yawned. “If you want chastity for a week, just say so. There is no need for all the excuses.”

Athena continued, “If that’s what you really want. You’ll have no orgasm this week. I don’t care. Doesn’t affect me any. But if it keeps you happy. Happy now? Can you go and clean the kitchen?”

“Right away,” Her Subject replied. “But if you don’t really care, it’s no fun for me. Let’s just call the chastity thing off. Off to clean the kitchen now.”

“No,” Athena objected. “I don’t care but I don’t flip-flop. No orgasm for a week.”
“You may ask for chastity anytime you want. I’m happy to enforce it for you.”

Her Subject was a bit confused who was doing the emotional smuggling now.

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