The Jedi Mind Trick

The Jedi Mind Trick hypnotic trigger. It causes amnesia.

“The Jedi Mind Trick seems interesting,” Her Subject said while reading topics on erotic hypnosis.

“Oh yeah? What does it do?” Athena showed interest.

“Just like in the movies. You do your trigger and it gives me short term amnesia. I do not remembering you doing it. Then I think whatever you said is my own idea.”

“You do whatever I say anyway. I don’t see why we need a special hand signal. It’s kind of redundant. But if it pleases you let’s go ahead and install it,” Athena said. “And if I have no instruction for you, you’ll just be memoryless and dazed for a few minutes.”

Little did she know how addictive power is. Any power.

Athena will never cancel this power.

* * *

This post was one of the most difficult to write.

First, Her Subject took on the project learning how to do an animated GIF. The instruction on the Internet was clear enough. Her Subject planned to take five picture to compose the GIF file.

After the hypnotic trigger pictures were taken, Her Subject stood still not remember anything. His eyes were dilated and vacant. It took him a few minutes to recover.

Athena could have helped. She could have suspended the trigger for the purpose and duration of taking pictures. But she’d rather enjoy the comedy than help.

Then came to edit the file. Her Subject figured out what to do. He wrote down reminders on Post-It Notes and stuck them all over the screen. Still, it was tough. Memory gone in a second from watching the animation. Then all come back a second later from seeing the notes. After a few times, Her Subject found it hard to keep track of things.

Athena offered plenty of help during the editing.
“No, it doesn’t look right here in this corner. Crop a little more and redo it.”
“It looks too dark. Lighten it a little bit? No wait, too light, do it again.”

Athena had no idea the struggle Her Subject went through watching the hypnotic trigger over and over again. Memory wiped out. Then flooded back right away. Repeatedly.

Maybe she did know. She did have the option of suspend this trigger temporarily.

Proofreading this post was equally challenging. Post-It Note came to the rescue again. Her Subject used it to cover up the animated GIF to read the text.

Difficult, disorientating, but overall the whole exercise of this post was fun.

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  1. VoodooManMagic
    Oct 8, 2017

    This is soo cool and sounds like a lot of fun!

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