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Bullwhip Without Cracker/Popper

We felt perhaps it was time to try the single tail in the bedroom.

The shape of the whip is tapered. The diameter decreases smoothly from the handle to just a few sawing threads at the cracker end. As the diameter decreases the energy travels down the whip gets more and more concentrated. The whip moving speed accelerates as well. When the whip cracks, the cracker can travel exceeding the speed of a bullet. The loud pop is the sonic boom when the cracker breaks the sound barrier.

The power and the danger thrilled Her Subject.

To start, Athena tried to make a few loud cracks without hitting anything. Only a few successes. As short as the 4-foot whip was, it was hitting the wall, the ceiling, the ceiling fan, or other pieces of furniture in the room. A few time she managed to crack the whip, it was devastating. To be safe, the crack happened perhaps 4 feet or more away from Her Subject. The cracking sound was aimed toward his ear, and it thunderously echoed in the room. Her Subject flinched at each successful crack nervously. Not able to see the whip behind him, the cracks felt dangerously close to him. It felt like riding a roller coaster: terrifying yet addicting. The whip is loaded with real lead inside. It can easily break bones.

“Ok, let’s start brushing me gently to gauge the right distance,” Her Subject instructed Athena. “Really really slow and gentle. Don’t hurt me yet.”

Athena did as told. The whip landed gently on Her Subject’s back then wrapped around him hitting his stomach. The whip could not have moved any slower or softer, but when the cracker hit his stomach it stung a little bit. Not too much. Felt like a papercut. “Wow,” Her Subject exclaimed, “Where the whip landed on my back it felt nothing more than a tickle. Actually felt rather good. But then when the whip got around it stung a little bit. In that few short inches the energy got really concentrated. We can’t have the whip wrap my body like that and hit my abdomen. Slowly back away until we find the right distance.” Athena backed all the way against the wall and the whip was still wrapping around the body. “We need a shorter whip,” Her Subject sighed. But not willing to give up just yet, “Let’s try without the cracker.”

Whip crackers/poppers. They can do some real damages.

So off with the cracker. The whip was barely short enough not to wrap around Her Subject’s body. Athena waved the whip around gently to get the hang of it. It was very tickling.

“You can use a little more force now, just a little.” Her Subject daringly asked.

The next swing produced a loud pop. It was just as deafening as a cracking pop and echoed, except it wasn’t a whip crack. Her Subject was hit good and hard. Athena startled and froze up. Her jaw dropped unsure what to do next. “Yikes!!! That really hurt!!!” Her Subject groaned.

“Are you ok? I moved only a tiny bit faster,” Athena was worried.

“Really?” Her Subject replied in disbelief. “I thought you gave it all your might on that one. Seriously, you just gave it a tiny bit more? Wow. We really have to be careful. It was loud too.”

“Let me run upstairs real quick to check on the children. Make sure they are still asleep.” Athena left in a hurry. The children weren’t disturbed. Worried about Her Subject, Athena wasn’t sure if we should continue.

“I think that was just about the right force,” Her Subject said. “Let’s do fifty lashes as we planned. I can take it.”

Athena sighed with relief. Maybe even grinned a little bit. “Sure, be happy to. Just say stop and walk away if you want to stop.” In less than a minute it was done.

“I think that went well for the first time,” Her Subject said. “I still felt the whip was too long and could easily hit my stomach. Not safe enough. Let’s get a shorter whip before we do this again. You do want to do this again, right?” Her Subject didn’t want to impose anything that Athena didn’t want to do.

“Of course. I’m all for it. I felt so natural, as if I was meant to do this. It was a lot of fun. You are all red. Are you sure you are ok?”

“It did hurt a little bit, but I don’t feel it anymore. You could hit a bit harder next time.” Her Subject acted it out like it was nothing. In reality, the sting stayed with Her Subject for the next few days.

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