A Child’s Wisdom

No pet at the end of this leash.

What do they teach in kindergarten nowadays?

When we were at that age, Apple Computer did not exist.

TV had three channels.

Disco was all the rage.

The other day, our kindergartener Emma wrote series of instructions navigating a mouse through a maze to get his cheese on the computer. “We learned that in school.”

Trying to solve a piece of puzzle in life, Emma had this to say, “Daddy, why does mommy always tell you what to do and you always do what she says?”

“No, don’t tell me. Oh, I know. Because you love each other.”

Emma showed satisfaction after solving the puzzle.

We work long and hard to afford their tuition. Perhaps it’s paying off.

While we were driving, Emma saw neighbor’s dogs and cats wondering around. She said, “If I see a stray boy, can we take him home and be my pet?”

“I will love him and feed him.”

“Of course pet can’t sleep in my room. Maybe in the kitchen. We need to buy him a basket to sleep in.”

“If he behaves well, I’ll allow him to sleep in my room. On the floor.”

“Please daddy? If we see a stray boy?”

Now we are not so sure the school is teaching properly.

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