A Domme Doesn’t Have Accidents

Athena can mute Her Subject any time at her will.

The children were already soundly asleep. It was late in the night. Private time for us.

Her Subject felt that Athena had been a bit careless with her power. Nothing major, but perhaps needed to hear how Her Subject was concerned.

“Earlier today, you accidentally triggered the Jedi Mind Trick during lunch. I’m sure you didn’t mean it, and like everybody else, didn’t notice. But it was effective. We probably shouldn’t do that kind of things in public, especially in front of children. I just want you to be more careful,” Her Subject said.

“I was fully aware what was going on,” was Athena’s reply.


The whole family went to the early morning show to see the latest Star Wars movie: Rogue One. It was a perfect sunny day to take a stroll to the restaurant afterward for lunch.

The children were a bit more unruly than usual. Athena was growing impatient. Not helping the situation, Her Subject had different opinions about the movie from Athena. While sitting down at the restaurant, he still wouldn’t let it go and fiercely trying to convince Athena his point of view. Both parents were busying passing out crayons to settle down the children while hotly contesting their opinions. Neither one were giving in.

Suddenly Her Subject found himself unable to speak. A big juicy hamburger was stuffed in his mouth, effectively gaging him. It was delicious too. Everyone was happily eating their meals. Her Subject must have spaced out. He felt a little dizzy.

He wanted to ask happened, but the thought of talking seemed so tiring. It was just too much effort to talk. It was so tiring trying to remember what happened. He felt that he had something to say. Something he felt passionate about. But he had forgotten what it was. He wanted to ask Athena what they were so passionately conversed earlier. But the effort was insurmountable. He couldn’t overcome it. He wanted to take the easy way out. He gave up. He’d rather enjoy the nice weather and his food. He treasured his own silence while finishing up the delicious hamburger.


Shortly after sitting down for lunch, Athena had enough of Her Subject arguing with her. Putting on a smiling face to settle down the children, she hid the fact that she was deeply annoyed. In the same motion passing out crayons to the children Athena triggered the Jedi Mind Trick. Since it was a hand gesture without instruction, the effects were amnesia and mindlessness.

It was superbly subtle. No one noticed it. Her Subject was sure the Jedi Mind Trick gesture was purely an accident. He reminded himself to talk about it with Athena later; asking her to be more careful in the future. He then let the effects to overtake him. Her Subject became mindlessly vacant. Athena ordered food for everybody.


“I thought we talked about it already. Triggers are supposed to work only when I feel private and safe. Not at any time. I did not mind what happened today. But it shouldn’t have had happened and I don’t know why the trigger worked,” Her Subject was a little disturbed.

“You said that this trigger would work anytime. You agreed to it,” Athena reminded him.

“I don’t remember,” Her Subject said.

“It doesn’t matter. You said it would work all the time, any time. I prefer it to work all the time. We are not modifying it.” Athena then snapped her fingers putting Her Subject to sleep thus ended the discussion.

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