Simple Formula

Here is a simple formula.

D/s = Athena(i) and Her Subject(i)


That is, the dominant / submissive dynamic is the result of Athena’s and Her Subject’s interest levels. When both interest levels are high, of chance of it happening is good.

The formula can apply to any particular kink/fetish.

Kink = Athena(i) and Her Subject(i)


We can also rewrite it as:

Dominatrix = Athena(i) and Her Subject(i)


That’s it. Simple, right? But life has a way of complicating things.

Does the formula work? Maybe. But we know for sure that it can foretell failure. In other words, if we are both interested, there is no guarantee that any particular kink will happen. But we know for sure it will fade away if one of us loses interest.

Interest level cannot be quantified. We cannot assign a number to it.

To make things worse, our interest level changes all the time. Most of the time, we don’t even know if we are interested at all.

It’s a constant discovery process.

Let’s put the formula to the test.

Her Subject was bored. He wanted something to spice up their sex life. So he said to Athena, “Would you like to try something new? Maybe kinky?” Her Subject’s interest level was high.

Athena showed enthusiasm. “I’m all for it,” she replied. “What do you have in mind?” Her interest level was also high.

The formula does not guarantee success, but it reliably predicts failure. Lucky for Her Subject, for this particular instance, both of us had high interest levels. The chance of success was good.

Her Subject only needed to figure out what to do next. What was that “something new.” The specifics. The simple formula couldn’t tell him that.

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