Kink Vending Machines Dispensed Freely

When one writes, one should always expect to be misunderstood.

Scolded, Her Subject went sulking in the corner for a minute.

From the Kindness of Kink Vending Machine A

“Want a dominant women, date one,” one woman tweeted.

From the Kindness of Kink Vending Machine B

Good advice. If one is free to date.

But it’s not so practical to men who have vowed “till death do us part.” She is not telling men to break their promises, is she?

While standing in the corner, Her Subject observed his children doing all sorts of silly things.

Eric cut holes in a cardboard box then wore it like a T-shirt. Then he walked around in it pretending to be a robot. He moved like one and talked like one. His sisters were thoroughly entertained they couldn’t stop giggling.

Emma pretended to be a tiger hunting down Eric then tried to devour him, only to pretend to spit out because “robot tasted bad.” The she started to tickle the robot.

Soon all three children were rolling on the floor laughing. They were having a grand time.

Was Erik exploited pretending to be a robot to make his sister laugh? Or Emma a tiger to entertain her siblings?

Pondered on that for a minute, Her Subject realized that it was not him that was misunderstood. It was him who misunderstood the women responding.

Appreciating all the hard work of turning Athena to be the kink vending machine Her Subject liked, they themselves turned into machines dispensing humiliation plays.

Two women, in one day. Complete with animated GIF’s. Not one, but two GIF’s. These kink vending machines must be the latest models.

All for free. All charity out of their kindness. O, Her Subject should be so lucky.

Re-tweeting must be in order to show admiration for such efforts. Her Subject quickly did so to express his gratitude.

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