Kink Comes Last

The video is our oldest daughter playing violin. She is eight.


Our children are our first priority in our life.

Then there are extended families. Work and jobs. Our health. Other leisure activities: motorcycle, cycling, TV, movies, etc.

Kink is at very low priority in our life.

Choosing between developing our children’s talent and kinky activities, there is no contest.

Even our fetishes become tools of nurturing our children.

From what we learned for our kink in psychology and hypnosis, we are applying that knowledge to teach our children.

We are teaching our daughters to see sheet music in their head. It’s one of many trance phenomena. As they learn, they can play the music backwards. They even developed their own system of numbering the measures in the sheet music.

“What’s the third note in measure 2?” we asked.

“E5 natural, no flat, no sharp,” Jill answered correctly, not even looking at us, while playing Lego. The sheet music was nowhere in sight. “Then G5, F5, G4,” Jill didn’t stop there. We stopped her so we can move on to the next activity. “Very good Jill. We know you can see the music now. Let’s do something else.”

The same skill can be applied to spelling.

“Can you see the word in your head, and spell it backward?”

“That’s easy. Let’s play a game of talking backward,” Jill suggested excitedly and jumped up and down. Children love playing games.

Last week, our children had severe flu. “It’s viral. There is nothing we can do. They’ll recover on their own,” the doctor told us. But the children cried because of the headaches and muscle aches. We put them in trance to ease the pain and they stopped crying. That is, we let them watched their favorite TV shows and movies.

Once in a while, NLP language patterns slip out of our tongues in everyday conversations.

Will our children pick that up? Will they try to hypnotize us to get the toys they want? Or influence teachers to get better grades in school?

We can’t stop wondering.

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