This Whip Won’t Usually Draw Blood

Venomous!!! Hear it hisses!

The shortest bullwhip we had was too long for our bedroom. So Her Subject ordered a new, short whip. It’s a small sized dragon tail style whip. The whip maker called it the “Scorpion.”

It was about two months of wait and well worth it. The workmanship is superb: highest quality kangaroo hide dyed in brilliant colors. Flawlessly braided, it resembles a venomous snake. Just they way Athena likes it. In her hand, it viciously hisses in hunger seeking for pleasure.

Description from the maker:

This “shot loaded” baby gives a lasting burn that hurts more than a single tail or so I’ve been told. The nice thing is that it won’t usually draw blood. However it will leave some nasty welts. It’s very accurate and throws just like a single tail. Believe it or not this puppy will actually crack! In my opinion this is a perfect primer for those wanting to learn to use a single tail.

It cracks, but not as loud or as easily as a bullwhip. The crack happens very fast due to the short length. The size is perfect for our bedroom.

The fall of a bullwhip is very narrow. The energy released is concentrated on a small surface area and leaves a really sharp sting deeply into the flesh.

The Scorpion, on the other hand, perhaps of its much wider tail and surface area, doesn’t penetrate the pain so deeply into the flesh. Instead of the deep “sting” sensation, it “burns” on the surface, and the burn can last for days afterwards.

Athena whipped Her Subject hard enough to leave the pain for a few days, but so far not so hard to leave any visible marks. All redness disappeared within minutes.

“That’s exactly how I want it,” Athena said.

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