Expression of the Unconscious

Suppressed Thought

People often speak in direct contradiction of what they mean.

In another word, people often lie. Usually, it’s not only harmless, but necessary for a pleasant and civil life.

“You don’t look fat in that!”

“I respect your opinion!”

Most of the time, people truly mean it. But if they don’t, should they tell the truth all the time?

“Your new hairstyle is awful!”

“Your opinion is garbage. People like you should be jailed.”

Would the world be more tolerable if people never lie?

We think, as long as good judgement and good taste is exercised, small doses of harmless lies in life are much more preferable.

Unfortunately, good judgement and good taste that are often lacking.

Unflattering opinions are usually suppressed consciously. We thank people for their effort in being careful with their words. However, the unconscious, which most people have no control of, speaks for them. Nonverbal communications, such as body language or tone of voice, reveal the hidden intension.

In practicing hypno-fetish, both Athena and Her Subject studies nonverbal communications. Hypnosis is about speaking directly to the unconscious. How does the unconscious communicate back to the hypnotist? Through nonverbal cues. Was Her Subject really wanting the whipping and lashing to stop? A quick eye movement, a twitch of a facial muscle, a change in tone can often tell Athena the real wants.

“Aw! That really hurt. Enough already. Stop the whipping now,” Her Subject pleaded in the middle of an impact play.

“Awww… poor baby,” Athena sarcastically said. “Wrong stress signal. I see your forehead is still smiling. You are asking for more. Here is an extra lash for lying!”

The Unpleasantness

Reading the unconscious can be fun, but it’s not without its side effects.

On Saturday, we attended our daughters’ music recital. It was a roomful of playful children. Some very young, inseparable from their Teddy Bears. As the children were fumbling their instruments, parents were beaming with pride. It was a precious sight to see the children mustering their best. Our hearts were filled with joy.

A simple reception followed the performance. We made small talks and congratulated other parents. We received a number of compliments and they had real meaning behind it. When these parents spoke, their whole body smiled. It was not just around their mouth. Their eyes, ears, shoulders, and their entire body smiled with them. They were truly happy for us, and we for them. All the children performed delightfully that day.

Among the pleasantries, there were some ugliness. “Wow, your daughters played beautifully. They must practice a lot,” one mother said to us. On the surface it was congratulatory, but that was not her body said. “You two should be ashamed of yourselves. No children should be playing that well. You must be forcing your children practicing twenty five hours a day! What abusive parents!” That’s what we saw emanating from her body.

“Your girls were outstanding. You must be proud of them,” one grandmother said to us. Her body was in such disagreement with her that she had to avert eye contact when she said it. Her entire body turned away. “Nobody likes a show off. That was the most vulgar thing I’ve ever seen” was what her body said. We were sure the grandmother thought that we were so unfit, if given the chance, she’d murder us.

We weren’t sure how to behave ourselves upon our newly learned observation skills. “Thank you,” we replied politely. We quickly moved about toward the more agreeable parents.

Matriarchal Wisdom

“We’ll see more of that,” Athena said on the way back. “It’s just a natural consequence of striving for excellence. Jealousy is inevitable. It’s just more visible to us now.”

“Our girls have received a lot of praises. They know that they are exceptional. The praises are partly because of their young age. Their cuteness. Part of is our small social circle. Soon they will wear out and the girls will have to compete with real talent. They need to learn to be humble, knowing that’s part of excellence. It’s our task to teach them that. To always strive for excellence, and always to be humble.”

“And they will need our strong parental support to develop strong minds. So they’ll be ready for all the negativities they’ll encounter later in life.” The Matriarch of the family thus spoke.

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